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How To Use This Plan

At the request of Coalition members, this Plan has been designed and written as a “go to”

resource. In addition capturing the Coalition’s priorities and providing a roadmap to guide its work,

this document also cites and provides, under each recommendation, links to examples of emerging

and promising practices.

This document is intended to:

  • Reflect the work of the Coalition,

  • Set priorities to achieve improved birth outcomes,

  • Serve as resource for information on and links to promising and emerging practices, within

  • Connecticut, in other states and on a national level,

  • Inform and align the work being done on the state level within the Department of Public

  • Health and in collaboration with other state entities that have a role in improving

  • Connecticut’s birth outcomes, and

  • Inform and align the work being done by Coalition members within their communities.

To track and measure how this report is being used and in an effort to keep it current, a

feedback form on how your are using the document can be found here, and an update form to

inform us of new programs or changes in existing programs can be found here. Sharing

how groups and individuals are using this Plan will help guide, not only the work of the

Coalition, but will also inform how this document is being used on an ongoing basis.

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