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Join Every Womany Connecticut

To give babies in your community a healthy start and ensure that all women and men are as healthy as they can possibly be throughout the course of their life, whether they want to start a family or not.

In order for pre-/inter-conception health care to become an integral part of routine care within different health care settings and non-clinical interactions, new tools, structures, and processes need to be created, disseminated, and institutionally supported. Join the Every Woman Connecticut and become a part of this supportive and cutting-edge Learning Collaborative!

Members of the Every Woman Connecticut Learning Collaborative receive access to customized technical assistance to help them plan the implementation of One Key Question in their respective sites and programs. They also gain access to resources and tools, including the Every Woman Connecticut One Key Question Implementation Manual, client and patient educational materials on topics related to contraceptive options, birth spacing, and preconception health, and periodic professional education and sharing opportunities within and across sites. Contact us if you are interested in joining the Every Woman Learning Collaborative.

/// Access and share resources

Every Woman Connecticut is designed to be a place-based initiative made up of teams of maternal and child health professionals from communities across the state. By participating in Every Woman Connecticut you will have the opportunity to further strenghten your local referral network and relevant partnerships in your very own community. View a list of currently participating organizations and programs.

/// Network with other professionals in your community and across Connecticut

We are starting with the small scale implementation of the One Key Question in selected clinical and community-based settings across Connecticut. The first cohort of communities include: Waterbury, Hartford, Torrington, Southeastern CT region, New Haven, East Shore region, Danbury, and Norwalk. More communities and partners may join the initiative:  please contact us to learn more.

Over time, members of the Learning Collaborative will identify policy and programmatic opportunities for "scale up" and pave the way for pregnancy intention screening to become a part of routine care. Together we will enhance the common focus on early entry into prenatal care and expand it to include pre-/inter-conception health care, so that more women and men may achieve optimal health and positive birth outcomes.

/// Help advance simple, yet impactful pre- and inter-conception health interventions to improve the wellbeing of women, newborns, and their families.

Thanks to the Sponsors of Every Woman Connecticut

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