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Would you like to become pregnant this coming year?
Whether your answer is "Yes", "No", "I'm Not Sure", or "I'm OK Either Way" there are steps you can take to ensure that you are as healthy as you can possibly be for your own wellbeing, as well as that of any children you may one day have. Find out more about how you can improve and maintain your overall wellbeing through a healthy body, healthy mind, and healthy environment!

Your health before you become pregnant is critical for a healthy pregnancy and baby. If you want to get pregnant soon, a few things

to consider are:


• Start taking folic acid or a prenatal vitamin daily

• Make sure any health conditions, such as asthma or diabetes, are being managed

• Ask if the medications you are taking are safe during pregnancy


It’s best for your body and the health of your next baby to wait about 18 months after giving

birth to become pregnant again. To explore birth control options that might work for your unique situation, click here.


Talk with your partner about your goals for pregnancy and what steps you can each take to be as healthy as possible.


You may also want to:

• Check that your vaccines are current

• Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol

• Get active – a healthy weight and regular physical activity can make a big difference!


If you  are sexually active, fertile, and want to prevent pregnancy, there are many safe and effective birth control options.

When choosing a birth control, a few things to consider are:

• Your current health

• How often you have sex

• How often you can visit the health center

• How effective the method is at protecting against pregnancy


It’s important to learn about all birth control options so you can find the best method for your

life and your body. Ask directions for how to use

your chosen method and what to do if a mistake happens. Here are some options you may want to learn more about:

• The IUD (like Mirena, ParaGard, Skyla )

• The Implant in the arm

• The Shot or “depo”

• The Vaginal Ring

• The Patch

• The Pill

• Condoms for men & women (for STI protection too!)


IUDs and implants are 99% effective at preventing pregnancy and last for several years!

I'm Not Sure/I'm OK Either Way

We all know that pregnancies aren’t always planned! Some women want to be surprised,

or if it happens, it happens.


You may not be actively trying to get pregnant but also not taking

birth control regularly.


If you’re ok if you become pregnant this year, it’s important you’re as healthy as possible before you conceive so your baby can be healthy too.


Whether or not you want to become pregnant talk to your health care provider today. Learn how to prepare for a healthy

pregnancy and how to prevent pregnancy until you are ready.


Emergency Contraception (“the morning after pill”) is a second chance to prevent pregnancy. Take it as soon as possible after

unprotected sex.


You can:

• Buy it over-the-counter at the pharmacy or store (up to 72 hrs)

• Get a prescription from your health care provider (within 72-120 hrs)



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